Cantine Ermes dyes its history with the colors of the earth: since 2018 Apulia has been added to this Mosaic of Identities.
Apulia is historically considered a flourishing and fertile land and, from the point of view of wine production, it is one of the most active regions of the Italian territory.
The climate and the soil favor the cultivation of vines and olives.
The Ermes cellars operate in the Brindisi area, in Mesagne, and in Lecce, in Guagnano.
In the province of Brindisi there are about 25,000 hectares devoted to the cultivation of grapes. The climate is continental, with cold winters and long and often hot summers. The soils are deep, with good drainage capacity and little water dispersion.
The province of Lecce is instead characterized in its wine production by the proximity to the sea, with fresh and constant breezes: this pedoclimantic peculiarity gives minerality to the wines.