The history of viticulture in Abruzzo has very ancient origins: the culture of cultivating life is supposed to have been brought by the Phoenicians and Greeks, while the first documents attesting to quality wines in this area date back to the time of the Roman Empire. Here Cantine Ermes operates in Atessa, near Chieti.

Atessa (CH)

Sede e quartier generale

The province of Chieti is located in a hilly area in the central-eastern part of Abruzzo. The favorable geographical position, proximity to the Adriatic Riviera and the Majella and Gran Sasso mountains, condition Mediterranean climate, suitable for vine cultivation. This is probably why the Chieti area is covered by a DOCG, six of Abruzzo's seven DOCs and four of the region's eight IGTs. Cantina Valle del Sangro Cantina Cooperativa Valle del Sangro in Atessa, near Chieti, was established on an experimental basis in 2022. A project that sees few members but a lot of involvement for the first vintage, resulting in a decision to lay a firmer foundation, effectively turning Abruzzo into the fourth region of Cantine Ermes