Cantine Ermes was founded in a small commune, Santa Ninfa, and within twenty years has found itself operating in the three main wine-growing regions in Italy. This would not have been possible without the protection of small territorial identities, without dialogue and comparison with existing structures, without the enhancement of the past. Above all, it would not have been possible without the direct relationship with the growers: they have the passion for the land, the love for the soils that – reducing as much as possible the impact on the planet – the Cooperative tries to protect.
For this reason, attention to sustainability, both environmental and social, is one of the founding principles of Cantine Ermes.
It does this through photovoltaic systems on the main sites, insulation of silos, training, but also through activities of shared benefit.

Global Standard for food safety (BRC)

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Certification ISO 14001:2015

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Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC) Masuè

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Ethical Code

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Organization and control model 231

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Conformity Certificate - Product certificate of organic operation EUA67NCC

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Environmental Management System Certification

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Metodo di produzione biologico - Reg. CE 834/07 e 889/08 s.m. e i.

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IFS Bottling - October 2020

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IFS Bottling Mansuè - October 2020

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IFS Bottling Sede - October 2020

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ISO 9001:2015

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