The Mansuè site, in the province of Treviso, has been part of Cantine Ermes since 2008. It enjoys a privileged position between the sea and the Prealps, which guarantees a mild climate, with an average temperature during the year of 12.3°C and a constant breeze.

These climatic conditions, in an area characterised by frequent rainfall, allow the grapes to dry quickly after rainfall. The hills, which have been an ideal environment for Glera grapes for over 300 years, stretch from east to west: they have. A south-facing slope (on which the vineyards benefit from excellent sun exposure) and a north-facing slope. The altitude varies from 100 to 500m and ensures a good temperature range between day and night, so that the aromas develop best in the grapes.

Mansuè (TV)

The winery, which is located in the Treviso area and is therefore right in the middle of the Prosecco zone, is for the company the place dedicated to the varieties grown with commitment by the Venetian and Friulian members of Cantine Ermes.