Mosaic of identities

Our story

The story of Cantine Ermes Società Cooperativa Agricola, which has now become a multi-regional reality, began in Sicily, in the Belìce Valley, in July 1998.

Between Santa Ninfa and Gibellina, villages that had been severely affected by the 1968 earthquake, nine courageous winegrowers decided to join forces and share a dream: an innovative, dynamic, world-oriented winery. Today, 23 years after it was founded, Cantine Ermes has 2,215 members and 11,544 hectares of vineyards in three Italian regions of great importance in terms of wine production: Sicily Puglia, Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna and Veneto. 2,215 wine growers who believe in the skills, experience and sense of responsibility of Cantine Ermes and who, over time, have chosen to be part of this large cooperative.

A Mosaic of Identity

People, territories and sites make up “A mosaic of identity”:  this apparently simple expression recalls the increasingly rich and composite identity of the cooperative group, to which new pieces are added year after year. The progressive growth, in fact, has seen the addition to the headquarters in Santa Ninfa of other sites in areas of Sicily particularly suited to specific varietals, allowing, in addition to a greater differentiation of the grapes, a higher quality linked to the distribution of the sites and a lower emission of exhaust gases into the air due to the reduced need to move vehicles between the vineyards and the site. In the process of enhancing the value of territories, we have been working profitably since 2008 in Veneto, since 2018 in Puglia, since 2022 in Abruzzo and since 2023 in Emilia Romagna seeing a gradual and constant implementation of members and hectares in both regions. 

We are a Cooperative, always ready to face new challenges thanks to the work of a group of professionals at various levels and in all sectors. Cantine Ermes today has more than 160 permanent employees and the same number of seasonal workers to support the harvest; to these we can add a well-established and widespread external sales network in Italy and abroad.

Rosario Di Maria


Paolo Di Maria

General Manager

Giuseppe Clementi

Technical director

Salvatore Li Petri

Business Development Manager

Pietro Parisi

Commercial Director

Angelo Morando

Export Director Oenologist

Alessandro Parisi

Marketing and communication manager

Francesco Drago

Front office wine growers - Sicily

Ignazio Cusumano

Front office winegrowers - Apulia

Gaspare Varvaro

Responsible for the Integrated Quality, Environment and Sustainability Management System

Domenico Susca

Director Operations

Gianfranco Pizzo

Responsible of Veneto facilities