Masserie delle stelle

From an old farmhouse owned by a member of Cantine Ermes, far from the city and the chaos, you can see a starry sky that leaves everyone speechless: this is how the name Masseria delle Stelle was born.
Three declinations of Negroamaro and a Primitivo give life to the Masseria delle Stelle line of wines. The decision to differentiate between Negroamaro Puglia IGP and Salento IGP is not random: the characteristics of the two wines are different because, while maintaining the same wealth of aromas, typical of Negroamaro, the Salento wines are easily identifiable thanks to the pedoclimatic characteristics of the area, which makes the grapes grown in this area unique.
Different expressions of a fascinating and mysterious Puglia to be discovered, visited and tasted under the splendid sky that can be admired from an ancient Masseria.